L’Oréal in China: Marketing Strategies for Turning Around Chinese Luxury Cosmetic Brand Yue Sai,” multimedia case study with video interviews and teaching note, with Haiyang Yang ã INSEAD 2013. Case web site:
“Renova Toilet Paper: Avant-Garde Marketing in a Commoditized Category,” multimedia case study and teaching note, written in collaboration with Raquel Seabra de Sousa, Yakov Bart, and Steven Sweldens, ã INSEAD 2010. Download here for English version. Also available in Spanish and Portuguese. Case web site:
 “Unilever in Brazil (1997-2007): Marketing Strategies for Low-Income Consumers,” Case study with teaching note and instructor's CD-Rom, written in collaboration with Pedro Pacheco Guimaraes, ã INSEAD 2007. Download here. Adapted in Portuguese: “A Unilever no Brasil 1997-2007: Estratégias de Marketing para Consumidores de Baixa Renda” ã INSEAD 2009.
“Note on Brand Audit: How to Measure Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity and Brand Value,” Pedagogical Note, © INSEAD 2004. Download here.
“Diesel For Successful Living: Strategies for Upward Brand Extension in the Fashion Industry.” Case, teaching note, and instructor’s CD-Rom written in collaboration with Vadim Grigorian, © INSEAD 2006. Download here.
 “Marketing Strategies in the Competition Between Branded and Generic Antibiotics (A): Clamoxyl in 1996,” and “(B): Augmentin in 2002.” Case and teaching note written in collaboration with Olivier Kovarski, Jacques Lendrevie, Sarah Spargo, and Marc Vanhuele © INSEAD 2007.  See abstract in INSEAD Knowledge.
 “Russian Standard: Growing a Global Megabrand Across Cultures and Product Categories.” Case and teaching note written with Vadim Grigorian, © INSEAD 2002. Download here. Teaching note © INSEAD 2007. See abstract in INSEAD Knowledge.
 “Parfums Cacharel de L’Oréal 1997-2007: Revitalizing a Classic Brand,”  written with Klaus Wertenbroch, © INSEAD 2007-2013. Case web site: . Download here. Adapted in Portuguese: “Perfumes Cacharel da L’Oreal 1997-2007 - Decodificando e Revitalizando uma Marca Clássica ” ã INSEAD 2009.

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